Wednesday 12 September 2007

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace was built by Thomas Wosley, a trusted advisor and spin doctor for King Henry VIII. It is quite simply one of my favourite tourist attractions in England and if you have been one of my visitors, you have more than likely been taken there. I have been so many times I would hazard that I could give the tour myself.

But they do keep it quite fresh and since the last time I was there they have added several exhibitions which taught me loads that I didn't know. I love it when that happens!

Yesterday after meeting Clare & Michael at a half way point from their last visit (to Southampton) we set off for Hampton Court Palace. the most amazing thing was the grape vine. HCP has the oldest grape vine in the world. Look it up - it's in the Guinness Book of World Records. And since it is September, they were harvesting grapes. So we bought some and ate some. Hmmmm, they weren't seedless!

It was a glorious day so we got to walk about the astounding gardens. It seems every time I have gone to HCP previously it has been raining. This was the very first time that the sun was shining. Gloriously! Man, I want their gardener!

Last night we had a quick bite to eat at Wagamama's in Windsor. We left the children with Clare & Michael to do bath & bed whilst Marc & I went to Parent's evening for Year 2 at St George's school.

I don't remember learning this much when I was 6. I was exhausted just listening to the teacher talk about electricity and forces of movement and creative writing and spelling and multiplication and division. I'm sure I learned that stuff at 10 or so.

Today we are off to The Fat Duck in Bray. This will be my third time to The Fat Duck but with Clare & Michael being quite the food & wine connoisseurs I am really looking forward to this! I think I might have even talked Marc into trying the tasting menu.

Big thanks to Jackie for handling the school pickups and tea!


stephanie said...

Hampton Court was my favorite also.

Sue said...

Just looked at your pictures on fliker. You take the best pictures. What kind of camera do you have?

Janell said...

Is Clare the one who signs posts "Clare Bear"? It is wonderful for you to have such loving people in your life.

LaDawn said...

Camera is an Olympus Camedia C-7000. Nothing fancy. We bought it just before Abigail was born because I wanted to go digital. the good photos are more down to the cropping I do after I've loaded them on to the computer. I use Picasa for that. It's not as fancy as photosho pbut not as complicated either!

Clare=Clare Bear!