Friday 8 June 2007

All About America

Phew! I survived!

The Year 1 children of St George's are now suitably educated about the vital statistics of the good ol US of A. They know how big it is. They know how many people live there. they know how some of us got there. They know what the flag looks like and why. They know about the geography. They know about the diversity in the landscape, the weather, and the people. And They know that we founded Krispy Kreme donuts, and McDonald's, and Coca Cola. All the important stuff.

May of the children have visited before: Chicago, Boston, new York, Los Angeles. I was very impressed with just how well travelled these children are. In fact, one child told me he'd been to all 50 states. I reckon he was a bit mistaken. Bless.

Thank goodness the teachers were there to help me keep control. they stepped in a required moments to keep order. We had quite a few children who didn't want to ask questions but did want to tell me lots of other stuff.

The funny thing was I would ask a question. Everyone (or nearly everyone) would raise their hand. I'd call on somebody. And they would say they didn't know. Now I ask you, why did they raise their hand?

The prize for the most insightful question goes to Jamie Cook for wanting to know why Americans should be respectful to the flag.

Most of the questions were around the animals and if they would see a moose if they went to America. They wanted to know if I'd seen any.

Armand knew who the president was. Very impressive!

This was fun but I'm glad I only had 40 minutes. I have a new found appreciation for how hard it is to be a teacher!

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Janell said...

The Krispy Creme hats are a nice touch! If you ever have to do that again, give me notice and I'll gather up a bunch of seedcorn baseball caps to send.