Sunday 3 June 2007

Sunday Funday

Sunday was a proper summer day. Our temperatures soared to over 36 degrees C. We set up the pool in the garden for the children. We cleared out our garage and Marc made 2 trips to the tip (dump). We still have another 1/2 load to go but thought we would wait for me to some clearing up in the house first. The lawn and the garden look fabulous.

Sebastian had 2 birthday parties this weekend, one Saturday and one Sunday. Isaac turned 6 on 31 May. He is Sebastian's very first friend. I met Isaac's mummy, Keeley, at our National Childbirth Trust (NCT) classes and Isaac was the first baby born to the group. Sebastian was the next. Isaac just lives down the road from us.

Abigail is struggling with the idea of not being "invited" to Seb's friend's parties. Not sure how to make this clear to her. she goes to parties on her own that Seb is not invited to but she just thinks everyone should invite her. She through another tantrum today when Seb went off to Hetta's party. Hetta also turned 6 and goes to school with Seb at St George's. Hetta also lives in Old Windsor although a bit further from us (about 1/2 mile). Her house is just down the road from Sir Elton John's house.

I went with the neighbour, Gill, to watch one of her mates, Carol, play lawn bowls. I've never seen the game and it was very enjoyable even to watch. Once I figured out the basics I could easily see how this could be a fun game. It's a bit like curling without the ice. And the lawn is NOT flat which I think would make it doubly difficult. Most of the people playing were older (over 60s) but there were a few youngens. Don't think I'll be taking this up anytime soon though. I've got enough to keep me busy.

Tonight I've got a birthday cake to bake and presents to wrap. At the dinner table I asked Sebastian what tomorrow was. He paused and Abigail jumped in, "It's Shake's birthday!" No moss growing on that stone!

Editor's Note: Shake is Abigail's nickname for Sebastian. Don't ask....we don't know why.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Seb...I remember the day of your birth so well. We were just adorable..Your mom and dad knew exactly what to do when you were born..They just loved you to pieces..Good job Love your Grandma