Monday 18 June 2007

School Practice Day

Today was Abigail's Practice Day in Nursery at St George's.

And I realised I have made good progress against my parenting objectives. Marc and I set off on this journey hoping to be good enough parents to raise happy, confident, independent adults. today proved to me that we are at least part way there.

We dropped Sebastian off at 8:30 and Abigail was very confused about why she couldn't go in straight away. So we took her for some hot chocolate to distract her until her start time of 9:30. This was a pure stroke of genius. And several other mothers had the same idea which meant she got to meet up with 3 other girls before going into the classroom. Then she had already built some friendships and she wouldn't have to walk into a room where she knew no one.

I needn't have worried. We all walked back over the road to the school. At the classroom door, Abigail turned to me and said with a wave "Bye Mum!" I told her I'd come in with her. She looked at me like "If you insist......" I followed her around as she touched everything in the room and talked with her new classmates. I bent down to reassure her that I was still there and she asked me if I would please leave.

So I did. The tears didn't start until I walked out of the school.

It amazes me how steep the dependence curve is. Abigail is just 3.5 years old and yet she can already walk, talk, and wee in the toilet. She has independent thought and makes friends using social skills of her very own. She knows how to negotiate and manipulate. She knows how to charm and how to amaze. She'll be fine.

I on the other hand spent a great deal of the morning feeling redundant. I sought solace in multiple cups of coffee thinking she might not want to return home with me. And then she ran across the room and wrapped her arms around my neck and took my hand to cross the road. Nothing has ever felt sweeter.


JMarie said...

There is a quote I love, "The decision to become a mother means choosing to forever let your heart walk around outside your body." I can't remember who said it, but it is so true.

stephanie said...

She is so cute. She reminds me! HEEEEEEHEEE!

LaDawn said...

Good quote!

Steph -
Not only does she looks like you, she acts llike you: VERY mischevious!