Saturday 2 June 2007

Beckonscot Model Railway

Yesterday, Uncle John and Auntie Mary took Sebastian and Abigail to Bekonscot Historic Model Village for the day. Sebastian wanted to hurry hurry hurry through. So they went round twice. The second go round he did a quiz (with a lot of help from Uncle John I reckon).

They got to have McDonalds for lunch, which was very exciting! Abigail has not stopped talking about the ice cream so I reckon that's all she ate.

But I'll never know. They won't divulge any details to me despite my best attempts to get it out of them. I suppose this is how it goes. They need their own private places.

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Anonymous said...

As you are well aware of in life; there are lots of events, stuff and just stuff you don't share with your parents...The children are normal...imagine that. Mom