Thursday 7 June 2007

Losing Things

Just before the school break last week, I bought Abigail a new pair of ballet slippers. She wore them once. Then we had a break which was only a week off. We keep all of Abigail's ballet kit in her dance bag.

This week Marc sent Abigail's dance bag with her to the child minder but left me a message asking where were her ballet shoes. He couldn't find them. I replied, in her dance bag. No, they weren't. I just though it was the fault of male finding skills. Marc isn't so skilled at finding these right in front of his nose.

So I dismissed this as something I could take care of when I got home.

We have turned this house upside down and cannot locate those dang ballet shoes. Where the heck have they gone? This is soooooo frustrating!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

they probably have vanished to the same place to which all the one spare socks are...the mystery Mom