Thursday 7 June 2007

A Tough Crowd

Tomorrow I may face my tougher audience yet.

You may remember my level of anxiety around doing a presentation at the Microsoft Utility Forum last month. I survived, In fact I excelled (and I don't mind admitting it!)

Tomorrow I face my toughest audience yet. I am presenting "All About the USA" to Sebastian Year1 class. It will be 2 classes combined together so about 38 children. Everyone is 6 years old (or so). I've got 20 minutes with another 10 minutes for questions.

I've spent hours and hours putting this presentation together. It's got sharp graphics and lots of pictures. Oh man, the panic is setting in!

I'm talking about the size and history of the place. I'm talking about the geography and unique animals.

Any top tips for presenting to children?


Janell said...

When I've presented talks to that age group, I notice that they can't wait for me to get to the question/answer portion so they can raise their hands and tell their own stories. If you run out of things to say, just go to "Any questions?" and they will fill up the rest of the time for you!

ps give them my email and postal address if anyone wants a email buddy/penpal.
Pps God bless you - I suspect you had a part in the treasure I received in the mail yesterday.
Thank you.

LaDawn said...

Response to Pps: He already has. And I'm glad you like it!

Shirley said...

Take notes on what they ask/tell you. Can't wait to read about it.