Monday 18 June 2007

Dream Job

My dream job has always been to get paid to read. Well, I got it! Sort of......

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen, a Time magazine journalist, who does the most relevant blog for my demographic, has sent me a whole load of books to review. I volunteered on her blog to review 1 book, Scream Free Parenting which had been sent to her. Instead today I received 4 bookes including the original commitment. And wholly unexpectedly my payment has been a complimentary signed copy of the book she wrote, Remember Me.

OK, so I won't be retiring anytime soon but I did very nearly buy this book off Amazon just because I really like what Lisa writes on her blog. And the subject of Remember Me is fascinating: Death. Besides, my copy I couldn't have bought of Amazon. Lisa wrote me a wee little note. She even spelled me night correctly!

Now it has just dawned on me that I have 5 books to read. My dream future could be at stake. Oh the pressure! Deep breaths.....I can do this!


Janell said...

Congratulations! You'll enjoy doing these reviews.

Thelma said...

oh how cool! getting a dream job! you can do it. =)

Sue said...

I, too, like to read. Your reviews are real informative and I have started a list of books you have liked that I would like to read. Since I get my books at the library, I am still waiting to read The Kite Runner.