Saturday 2 June 2007

Blog Visit Drop Off

May was a slow month for the blog growth. Every month since I started I've seen a huge growth in monthly visits.

Not this month. And yet I did more posts than any other month. I had just 24 unique visits more than last month and 3 less page views. I'm not sure how that happens. And May was a long month. If it hadn't been 31 days long I would have had a drop off last month.

I suspect my domain host is partly to blame. It is currently experiencing some infrastructure issues and not being very reliable. But I'm not sure what else might be causing this.

I've noticed that most people read my blog Monday-Friday. Very few people visit on the weekends. That means people are checking my blog from work. Uh-oh! Or they are just too busy on the weekends. That's OK!

I've got loads more visitors than comments. If you're out there lurking, don't be afraid. Leave me a comment and let me know if I'm talking absolute rubbish. Or if you disagree with me. Or is you think you are completely wasting your time but visiting to be polite. Even my husband never comments. He doesn't even visit! He tells me he knows what goes on in our life so why should he go. I'll bet he'd know a lot more if he visited!

I've also noticed that most of Nebraska appears to read my blog but readership in the UK has really dropped off.

And where are all the men? I know I have male readers....don't I?

Am I boring you? Have you told all your friends about the blog? Do you click through on the Google ad?

OK, not that it matters. I'd probably write even if no one read. I kept a journal from the age of 13 and no one ever read that. But if you are enjoying what I write, let me know. If you're not, tell me what you'd like me to write about. And tell your friends about the site. And they'll tell their friends, and so on and so on.


Anonymous said...

Well I can't say I am enjoying what you write LA, but I read it anyway. :-)

I just responded to your price comparison quote.

Shirley said...

I do enjoy your blog -- I am fascinated that you have the time and energy with small children and what sounds like a very interesting career.

Janell said...

Joe Barabas has certainly livened things up, hasn't he? Fun stuff to read. Are he and Leah relatives?

My take on the price comparison is a little more simplified - it appears that you pay for your health care at the stores where you shop and we pay for our's through an insurance company.