Thursday 21 June 2007

Racing Results

Despite having horse racing in my blood (my father was a jockey), I walked away from the racing yesterday without winning a single race. I was the kiss of death. Even if I bet on the favourite, it didn't win! The other racegoers suffered no such kiss of death. They were betting based largely on whether they liked the sound of the horse's names. And they were winning! Hmmmm, what would the bookies make of this? I never even got to look at a horse up close and personal. It was a bit of a frenetic pace.

But I had a ball! A big thanks to my hosts, Pip (left) and Gary (right) at Microsoft, who were ever so gracious. And they looked fabulous, dahling!

The champagne and Pimms flowed unfettered. The lunch of salmon (starter), beef tenderloin (main), and a caramel dessert was served before the racing began. In between eating and drinking we raced back and forth between the pavillion and the track to catch snippets on the big screens. To be honest, there were so many people it was difficult to see the race course. You could just catch the sound and a glimpse as the horses raced towards the finish line.

The highlight of the day was simply people watching. Many men were dressed in top hats and morning suits and they looked so sophisticated. So many women made such a huge effort and really wore amazing dresses with equally amazing hats! Where do they get these creations? I could have missed the racing altogether and just watched the people for most of the afternoon.

We enjoyed high tea before the 5:35 (last) race which included, sandwiches, scones, and cake with our tea/coffee.
The sky was a bit gray early on and it was windy. The only rain that fell was just immediately proceeding the very first race. By the time of the Gold Cup (3rd) race the sunshine had appeared and it was a glorious sunny midsummer day!

And this is where it all went just a wee bit pear shaped. You will remember that I needed to be at Sebastian's school immediately following the day's festivities for his Parent's Evening. This is where we review all the work he has done throughout the year. It gives us a great perspective on how much progress he has made.

I ordered a taxi at 17:04 to pick me up at the petrol station in Ascot High Street at 18:00. After many fraught phone calls and a temper tantrum (mine) he finally turned up at 19:23 blaming the traffic. Well, duh! 80,000 people go to Ascot on Ladies Day. This isn't the first time it has ever happened. I told him he should have set off immediately after my telephone call. He was very apologetic.

I arrived at the school in my hat and dress with aching feet (I'd been in my 3" heels since 9 am walking all over the race course) looking decidedly worse for wear. Sebastian didn't care. I had made it and that's all that mattered.

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Sue said...

What a glamorous occasion. I wouldn't have a think to wear, especially a hat. The only hats I have are golf caps.