Wednesday 27 June 2007

End of Term Doo

Last night, the parents of Year 1 at St George's met for a drinks night at the King & Castle pub in Windsor. We had a great turnout and really enjoyed the Pimms and nibbles!

Big thanks to Lucinda for doing the organising! An extra big thanks go to the mere 5 dads who turned up. You'd think the rest of our children didn't have fathers!

John & Mary babysat Sebastian & Abigail which they loved. They would rather John & Mary put them to bed every night, I believe!

Only a few more weeks to go until the end of term on 6 July. I can't believe another school year has flown by. The summer diary is already getting filled up. We've got a couple weeks holidays planned and Sebastian and Abigail will be spending a week with their Granny down on the Isle of Wight. Abigail has become fascinated with camping so we will be doing a spot of camping down on the Cornish coast. Sebastian is excited about fresh pain au chocolate from the local bakery when we go to France for a week!

Sebastian is scheduled for a football camp, a tennis camp, and a drama camp when they will be performing The Sound of Music. This is going to be great fun!

The rain has stopped today and I've served up ice cream cones for the children. This is the eternal optimist in me. If we pretend it is summer maybe the weather will get the hint and the sun will start shining.


LaDawn said...

I spoke too soon. The heavens have opened up and it is pouring. Does anyone have a number for Noah?

Brooke said...

Send some rain our way I would love for a little rain tomorrow then this weekend in the evenings not during the afternoon. I know I can't pick when it rains though.

Shirley said...

Sounds like a busy summer -- how long does it last for you?

Shirley said...

What are Pimms and nibbles?

Sue said...

Send some rain to Lake Tahoe to put out the fires.

LaDawn said...

Pimms is an English summer alcohol that you mix with lemonade, some apple and cucumber chunks, and a sprig or two of mint. Served over ice this is the best on a hot summer day....or a rainy summer day....or just about any weather sort of day.

Nibbles are munchies shared between loads of people!

You jut got to go to TX for your water. Brazos River is flooding TX!!!

LaDawn said...

Summer last until September really. Sept and Oct are lovely months to visit England. I usually recommend that people come visit in Sept, if you are thinking about visiting!