Saturday 23 June 2007

Sports Day Cancellation

Yesterday was one of those days that proves how little control I have over my daily life.

It rained Thursday evening from about 7 pm throughout the entire night until after 8 am Friday morning. It was inevitable then that Sebastian's Sports Day would be canceled. No one knew if the rain would start again during the day and they skies certainly looked like it would. And the playing fields would certainly be wet and muddy.

I had arranged for Abigail to go with us and told Jackie, the child minder, that she had the day off. With Sports Day canceled though I would work from home so I didn't lose a day of annual leave so I rang Jackie and asked her if she could still take Abby. She could. I am so grateful so is flexible and understanding!

Seb wasn't all that gutted about the cancellation. He's wee and not a sporting king. There are some children in his class that are nearly twice his size and are very sporty. They tend to win the ribbons. He's just happy to take part and have fun. I swear. He'll tell you himself, usually to make me feel better that he didn't win anything and I don't want his size to make him feel small. But I don't think it bothers him. Yet....

Marc dropped Abby off at Preschool and Seb off at St George's. I got some work done.

Seb had a birthday party that had been scheduled to start as soon as sport's day was over so he left school early (with the school's permission of course). I had to make arrangements for Jackie to keep Abby late. I took Seb to the party (Happy Birthday, Hannah!) and had a chat with the mums.

Hard to believe one can relax in a play zone. A few years ago I found them noisy and very stressful. Now I sit with a cup of tea, turn off the ambient noise of children playing and screaming and listen to the mums chat. It can be and was very relaxing.

Marc had left his keys in the house so he was locked out. I swear it's like having 3 children!

I picked up Abby at Jackie's and went home. Marc got take away from the local pizzeria for him and the children. I ate sensibly and recovered my healthy eating stance after the conspicuous consumption of Ascot!

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