Friday 29 June 2007

Not According to Plan

I had a dentist appointment for 9 am this morning. My dentist's office called at 8:30 am and canceled as my dentist was ill.

Bailey was due to get the snip this morning. We dropped him off and returned to our car. Just as we were pulling away the vet nurse came running out to tell us they can't operate because Bailey has diarrhea. He didn't when we left the house. But he does now.

We loaded Bailey back into the car, took Abigail to Pre-School, and me home to get my car so I could go into my office.

I had a meeting in my diary for 2 pm but none of the people I was supposed to be meeting with had the meeting in their dairy. So I met by myself. Most productive thing I did all day!

I picked up Sebastian at school, started to drive off and Marc rings to tell me Joy (Jamie's mum) is trying to reach me. She's stuck in traffic on the motorway miles away and could I please take Jamie home with me? I back into the parking space and go get Jamie.

On my way home the traffic is a nightmare because there is an international dog show going on in Windsor and Jackie, the child minder, rings to see if I've gotten lost. I tell her I'll be right there!

Thank God it is Friday! I just want to go to bed.


Janell said...

God bless you with a restful weekend.

Sue said...

Some days are like that. What I don't like is when it runs into weeks.

Anonymous said...

Whoowee, never rains but it pours. Hope you get a fun weekend for your troubles. Take care, Clare

Shirley said...

The news about the London bomb scare makes it sound like you have more going on there than a dog show. Stay safe.

Lucky Bailey.

LaDawn said...

I was blissfully unaware about the London bomb scares until about 10 pm last night. I was so busy I hadn't listened to the radio or TV so completely missed it.