Friday 8 June 2007

Pupil of the Week

Sebastian is St George's Pupil of the Week.

And all because of me.....hehehehe!

If you hark your memories back to the post about the whole late to school disaster on Thursday morning, I found out today what happened after Sebastian went through the school doors.

Apparently, he went up to his classroom only to find it empty. Everyone else had already left the school. Sebastian (on his own volition) put his bags down and went to the school office and found Miss Griffin, the Head of the Pre-Prep Department. He explained the situation and she walked him (at quite a pace apparently) up the hill. As they were making rapid progress, Sebastian apparently told her "Wow, you can actually run quite quickly for someone of your age."

Yikes! Not exactly what you want to say to the principal but she thought it was charming, thank goodness.

He was given the Pupil of the Year award for behaving very sensibly and acting calmly and independently. Or so he tells me. How cool is that?!?!?!

Furthermore, he got ANOTHER 10 out of 10 on his spelling test. that makes only 3 weekly tests since Christmas that he hasn't got a perfect score. He works very hard for that score all week.

Finally, he was awarded a candle award this week for Good Work. This is given when they repeatedly do good work in all of their classes. This is his 5 candle award this year. Some of those other one's were for good behaviour (which are a little easier for him to earn given his high charm factor).

And I am sooooo proud of him.!


stephanie said...

Great Job, Seb! Whats up with your hair? Is this a new style?

Sue said...

While we are bragging about our kids, Cindy just reported a 4.0 on her psych class. She is a little older than Seb, more Ladawns age.