Monday 11 December 2006

33 Today!!!!


Today is Marc's 33rd birthday. We sang happy birthday to him and he opened his presents after breakfast this morning. Abigail gave him a Barbour rainproof cap. Seb gave him some brown suede gloves and I gave him a sage green wax jacket. We are planning a dinner of enchiladas (his request)! 1 December birthday down, 1 more to go......

Yesterday was one of those days where nothing goes according to plan. Seb and Jamie went to Seb's riding lesson which is normally on Saturday morning but we had moved it to Sunday so Jamie could go and watch. This obviously confused Lucy, the riding instructor who didn't turn up. It was cold and the boys got into a bit of a disagreement over whether or not Pokemons can get trophies or medals - this is important stuff here! So Marc just walked (frog marched) them back home (no riding) so they could warm up!
I have been working on a quilt all year. I joined this "Block of the Month" Club. Basically, you pay £15 in January and then every 1st Saturday of the month you return to the shop with the previous month's block and they give you the patterns, templates, instructions and all the fabric. You just need to supply the needles, thread and time. This is the block for November and I went to pick up the supplies for December (the last block!) and the shop was closed. The shop door displayed hours of Tuesday-Saturday 10-5:30 but I know that they used to show Tuesday-Sunday because we've been there on Sunday before. I am annoyed that the hours have changed! Will have to wait until tomorrow to pick up December......also need to buy the shashing and all the other stuff to put it all together!
Then we tried to grab some lunch at McDonald's and there was no place to park so we sat in the car for 15 minutes waiting. Then we went in, ordered lunch, and there was no place to sit. So our food got cold while we lurched over people lingering over their meal packaging and chatting as if they weren't in a fast food restaurant. We inhaled our meal and very politely moved on as quickly as possible. Of course by that time it didn't matter as there were 10 other tables that has emptied. I am sure this had nothing to do with me and my evil eye.
By this time it was getting quite late and I didn't have the energy to do the leg of lamb I had planned to do for dinner but I had nothing else so I thought we'll just pop into the grocery store on the way home and grab nibbly stuff for dinner (cheese, biscuits, fresh bread, dips, chips). We call it a carpet picnic because we eat in the living room. Given our luck so far that day and the time of year, I expected the grocery store to be packed but it wasn't bad. Unfortunately, my children were. They were running around like I had pumped them full of sugar before going. Then the checkout clerk was a comedian (or thought he was) and kept mumbling then laughing (not sure if he was talking to me or himself because I couldn't understand a word he was saying).
This means that everything I was meant to do yesterday has to get done today (except the quilt which will have to wait until tomorrow) and instead of getting busy I'm writing this blog. Ah, procrastination!

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