Saturday 30 December 2006

And the Parties Continue-Without Us

Yesterday we were invited round to some neighbours home for drinks and dinner. Thanks to Keith and Adrienne for a lovely evening. The chidren had a great time eespecially when they all decided to get out the box of costumes (check out Abigail's shoes). Seb isn't in the photo because he still isn't feeling well and just sat around being grumpy. We unfortunately left quite early since he was so gfunder the weather. As a result the plans we had for this afternoon had to be cancelled and we are having an inside day. Both children are still barking with coughs and running slight temperatures. At least Abigail isn't complaining about her earche. Just as well as the monsoons seems to have arrived. It is dumping rain on us and the wind is blowing a gale. Hmmmm, doesn't feel much like Christmas!

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