Saturday 16 December 2006

A Special Time

Once you have a second child, you very rarely get to spend alone time with either child. So yesterday was a very special day for Seb and I. After the carol service, Uncle John (who attended the carol service with me), Seb and I went for some hot chocolate/tea (depending on your age) to congratulate Seb on a job well done during the Autumn Term. I had received his very first (official) school report. And other than a few complaints about his "chatty" tendencies he received great remarks. We toasted him with our tea cups and told him how proud I was of him. He was well chuffed!

Then we spent the afternoon doing arts and crafts at home, just him and me. This was special because usually Abigail is there interrupting our every move and requiring loads of supervision. Seb's creations were absolutely beautiful (although the waiting for paint to dry, etc. was a test of his patience. His chain of angels although he will tell you he needs to draw on their hair and do the back! There are also a picture of robins, and a rather fetching stripey camel and the winter trees is gorgeous.
When Abigail got home she joined in the fun and made some of her own art work. A bit more abstract perhaps but no less beautiful. I love watching them create!


Anonymous said...

Tell Seb the angels are wonderful, I look forward to seeing them and him next week. Granny C-P

LaDawn said...

There will be loads more art work for you to thinking about opening an art gallery. Don't suppose there would be an bidders....although I'd pay a fortune for his Christmas list!