Friday 29 December 2006


It is a Christmas tradition in the UK to go to a panto performance over the Christmas holidays. You can read about it here PANTO. This is a tradition which I had succeessfully avoided until this year. The children (specifically Abigail) had finally reached an age where I thought she might sit still long eneough (and it was longer than I thought it would be).

Pantos can range from very professional productions with C-list celebrities giving guest performances (with fairly hefty ticket prices to go with it) or amatuer theatre in local villages ( with lower ticket prices). Patrick Ewing (from Dallas fame) is in one in Woking. He must be broke!

Given that I wasn't sure what my children (or I would think) I opted for the amatuer performance in a village not far from ours called Sunninghill. We got a couple other children from Seb's school (with siblings and mums) to go along with us. We saw Cinderella which I have now learned (courtesy of Wikipedia) is the most popular of all pantos. We had a great time and the children really enjoyed it with the exception of Abigail who covered her eyes and trembled each time the fox came on stage. I am sure I have scarred her for life.

I have some photos of the children dutifully awaiting the start of the performance. Unfortunately I am experiencing some technical difficulties with my photo uploads. Not so much technical difficulties as much as our dog, Bailey, ate the cable that connects the Mac and the Windows PC to the screen and allows everything to be connected at once. Marc would have liked to have killed the dog. Bailey has been laying on his bed with his tail between his legs for the last hour or so whilst Marc dutifully goes off to find a new cable. As soon as said cable has been restored I will load up the photos and you can see the bunch of them. they behaved so well and we all had laods of fun.

We had a rather strange start to the day. I have awoke every morning since Boxing Day no later than 4 am and could not get back to sleep. I then fall back to sleep about 6 am just before the children get up. This morning Marc let me sleep until I awoke at 10 am only for me to find out that Seb had gone back to bed about 9 am and is still there. it is nearly 11 am as this goes to press. Both he and Abigail have had a barky cough for the last week and i know he was coughing thorughout the night. i reckon he just didn't sleep well.

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