Thursday 28 December 2006

Fresh Air

I always find that a couple days spent indoors without benefit of fresh air leaves my head (and body) full of cobwebs. The Christmas holiday run left me with a fuzzy head and achy body not to mention a house looking like a tornado had run through here (yeah, a tornado named Sebabby). After doing a bit of tidying in the morning, we met up with John, Mary and her brother, Mike, and went for a walk. We did have one puppy and two small children in tow which I do believe our walking tour guide (John) forgot and went a bit further than was probably advisable. Bailey feel asleep in the car before we had even dropped him off back home.

Abigail fell asleep before she got to have any food and Seb fell asleep in the car on the way home. I felt better for the walk. The brisk air cleared out my head and did a world of good for my achy body. At the very least I feel less guilty about the overindulgences of the holiday. I suspect I require several more longer and more challenging walks/runs to really work that off.

Abigail's earache is continuing to trouble her and we took her to the doctor's yesterday evening. We've got some antibiotics and if the pain doesn't let up in the next few days then I will fill the prescription. It's so hard to decide what to do in these cases. I don't want to be held responsible for the mutation of a superbug and I want my children to have the benefit of antibiotics should they truly need them but I do feel that as overscribe and overmedicate our children. We after all only want what's best for them and no on likes to see their child in pain.

A big thank you to Mary for serving up a lovely "tea" yesterday. For those Americans out there, this is a meal time about 3-4 in the afternoon and consists of little sandwiches/sausages/cake and of course the obligatory cup of tea (or two). It is a perfect way to end a walk. We were joined at tea by Simon, Marc's cousin, and Dorothy, Mary's Mum. Simon has just publisheed a very important book. Link to Book

I really enjoy the discussions and debates we get into around their table and yesterday was no exception with a lengthy discussion about why people destroy bus stops. We just don't get it. From my point of view, many people think of government as some sort of conspiracy theory. They forget that their parents and neighbours (and themselves) paid for that bus stop with their tax dollars and very bus stop that needs to be replaced will come out of their own pockets either through increased taxes or a rise in bus fare (both of which they will complain about not making the link). It is much the same when people who want low prices for gas and electricity but then complain when the call centres are moved to India in an attempt to lower the cost and ultimately the price of the utility. Once again, they don't get the link. This is that whole action/consequence thing. Grrrrrrah! My head is clearing!

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