Wednesday 27 December 2006

Mummy Sick

Yesterday was definitely a "down day". Veda and Matthew left to visit John and Mary quickly then head off back to the Isle of Wight just after 11. Wicked Uncle Mike (aka Scottish Mike) came round just after 1:00. We had left over roast beef and Swiss sandwiches with dips and chips for lunch. As is the tradition we watched Casablanca (one of the best films ever) and played games with the children. I taught Sebatian to play checkers (a bit too well since he beat me). Seb, Abby, & I played Pick-Up-Sticks. Abby was surprisingly good and Sebastian beat me at that as well. Marc and Seb (with Mike's support) played Battleship. Marc won that one but I think it was a close game. Seb continues to work on his Nintendo skills but gets quite frustrated still and doesn't really understand that losing just means you have to practice some more. Now there is a life lesson.

Unfortunately, neither Abigail or Mummy are at the top of their game. Abigail woke up yesterday morning with a fever and spent all of the afternoon sleeping it off. By mid afternoon my body was feeling feverish and achy all over. After drugging both of us with suitable amounts of ibuprofen and acetaminophen we went off to bed. Abby woke in the wee hours of the morning but fell back asleep in Mummy & Daddy's bed. Mummy was also ill this morning and Daddy kindly let me get some additional hours of sleep whilst he went off to feed the children breakfast and tidy up the kitchen. Abigail seems much better this morning and is annoying Sebastian (which is the job of little sisters). I don't feel 100% but imagine that the ibuprofen will help when it kicks in.

I'm making the children croissants and we hope to go for a walk with John, Mary & Simon later this afternoon. The fresh air will do me good (or kill me).

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