Tuesday 26 December 2006

Boxing Day

What a fabulous Christmas we had! I hope everyone had a great day as well. Marc's mum (Veda) and one of his brothers (Matthew) came up on Christmas Eve (for Abigail's birthday party) and stayed for the festivities of Christmas Day. The tree was threatened with tipping if anymore presents were placed under it. Marc made a most amazing Prime Rib (cooked to perfection) which we devoured. Veda brought the Christmas crackers which she had custom made at home with individualised surprises inside. She also brought these fantastic confetti poppers which create a huge mess but are so much fun festive. I don't actually mind cleaning up the mess!

One of the best things about England is the day after Christmas called Boxing Day. You can read about the origins of the holiday at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxing_Day. Mostly, it gives you a chance to recover from the over indulgences of the previous day and/or take a walk. I like to reflect on the day before.

My family and I are very fortunate. We live in a part of the world where we are free and there is usually justice. We are able to have dreams and usually realise them with the only obstacles being our minds and energy. Whilst there is a threat of terror, I consider a more prevalent and immediate threat to be global warming. I find comfort in the fact that I can participate in the solution of that more than I can in the solution to terror. We are healthy if overweight by and large due to the bounty that life has given us (and our own laziness). We have access to adequate and affordable health care and I have no fear that I would not be able to afford to treat a life threatening emergency to the limits of medical technology today. Our ignorance is limited only by that which we have not yet learned and are willing and able to learn more. No one tells my daughter she cannot go to school or what she must wear. My son can be Prime Minister (or possibly President of the USA) if he so desires....or a plumber or an artist or an actor or an accountant or whatever his passion is. He is taught to have respect for all living beings including his elders (and the value of doing so). My husband can run his own business and is control of his own financial destiny. I can work my way to the top (or not) if I chose. We can practice our own version of faith. We are not afraid of being killed by our neighbours. We do not live in a tornado alley or hurricane zone.

Yesterday when we sat down to our Christmas dinner, I was overwhelmed by the joy of having a husband I love and am so happily married to; 2 children who are clever, happy, independent and on their way to growing into responsible, uniquely contributing members of society; a beautiful cozy home which keeps us warm in the winter and cool in the summer and dry the year long (it is England after all); nutritious and delicious food to fill our tummies and sustain us throughout the year.

Life is good!

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