Tuesday 5 December 2006

Introducing........Seb & Abi

These are my two amazing children.....just in case you haven't already met them. Sebastian is 5 1/2 and is in Year 1 at St George's School at Windsor Castle in Windsor, UK. Abigail is almost 3 (Christmas Eve birthday) and will start pre-school 2 mornings/week in Old Windsor in January 2007.

Sebastian loves everything Pokemon. He collects that cards and examines them constantly. He can tell you if one is missing or out of order. He does ballet and judo and is learning how to ride. He is a very kind boy but also very boisterous (are't they all?). He is very hard on himself and gets frustrated easily particularly when his school work isn't going so well. His favourite food is broccoli, sushi, and chocolate - go figure!

Abigail is a princess. She loves everything girly. She carries a handbag everywhere she goes, loves jewellery, and sings and dances like she is the next pop sensation. She thinks she is also 5 and wants to do everything her brother does including going to school. She doesn't eat......she has no favourite food and we are not quite sure how she survives on Frosted mini-wheats and bananas. Posted by Picasa

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