Sunday 31 December 2006

Holiday Cleanup

The first rubbish and recycling collection post Christmas has come and gone and the bin is already full. I was appalled at the size of the pile of cardboard, plastic and paper that my family had made over the holiday weekend. I just don't know what to do about it.....We made sure to recycle everything our council collects. I'm just not sure I trust the council to do the recycling bit. If anyone has some ideas, let me know!

Abigail has made a full recovery: no fever, no earache, no drippy nose, no coughing. Seb has not been so lucky and this morning has been complaining of earche. The good news is this is about the time Abigail started to get better so we expect a full recvery in the next few days......just as the holiday ends! Oh joy!

This marks my last post in December and an anniversary of sorts: one month of non-stop fun of posting fever! I've managed to capture the events in my family's life, mundane and extraordinary as I set out to do. Some love it (thanks Mom & Steph)! Some are afraid of sharing this much of their life with others (including strangers) and are shocked/amazed/horrified that I chose to....but then again I've always lived my life as an open book. I have nothing to hide and hve no fear of others discovering who I am inside and out. Perhaps I am naive but I believe in the overwhelming goodness and doubt very much someone would hunt down my family and hurt them. But thanks for your concern. Some have been offended. Apparently I have not quite mastered the art of sarcasm which the British so admire in themselves and some have found my humour wanting. Oh well.......I make myself laugh!

Not sure how I will carry on once I start back at work on the 2nd January. I hardly have time to shower when working and managing the household but I will do my best. I didn't quite meet all my goals for my month off work but I did get quite a bit of reading done. I did watch some films (none very good....or good at all) and Marc swears I will not be allowed to go to the video store unsupervised ever again. I did lots of crafts with the children but my cupboards are woefuly unorganised and I'm afraid I didn't finish a single book.

Why is it that lightbulbs always burnout all over the house at exactly the same time? Why do all the toy batteries expire at the same time? Why is it that all the bathrooms run out of loo roll at the same time. Why is it that all household cleaning products empty at exactly the same time? hmmmmm, things to think about......

Be safe when out and about this evening. Or even staying at home. Most people die in their own homes. So whatever you do, be safe. We'll speak to you in the next year.

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