Wednesday 6 December 2006


OK, so I start this whole blogging thing and then the blog host I choose seems to be pants (full of poo). I can't upload any images and these are some very important images......

Abigail is experiencing her first day at pre-school......ok, a full day is 9-12 am and this is just a trial run in advance of January when she will go 2 days/week. But this is a painful step.....for mummy's mostly and all the mums out there will know. When you drop them at the door of the school you can no longer control the people they associate with. Have you seen the delinquents in pre-schools these days? I can just imagine what she is getting up to. Probably having loads of fun without me. She hesitated when she first went in.......oh for about less than 1 minute. She got into playing on the slide, waved goodbye and totally forgot to blow me a kiss. Couldn't she see the tears rolling down my face?

Sebastian had a Christingle service today. Now the pre-prep head assured us this was a very common English tradition although many of the English parents we spoke to had never heard of it before either. But the symbolism behind the whole event was seriously cool. For those of you less informed than I (was 2 hours ago), a christingle is an orange with a birthday candle in the top, sweets in toothpicks stuck in four corners (I know an orange is round and doesn't have corners but use your imagination since I can't post a photo!) and a red ribbon round the middle. They actually trusted these 5/6 year olds to light and hold the candle whilst they sang away in the manager. No one got their hair set on fire and no smoke alarms were activated so all in all a successful school event.

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