Friday 22 December 2006

Weather Here & There

The fog in the southeast of England, particularly where I live is so thick we can cut it with a knife. OK, not literally but nearly. I can't see beyond the garage from the house. I've tried to photograph it and have been wholly unsuccessful. You ever tried to capture fog in photos? Domestic flights and most European flights out of Heathrow have been cancelled for several days and there is no sign of this fog lifting. All the progress that man has made and fog stops us in our tracks! I fear many travellers will be spending Christmas in an airport.

On the other side of the Atlantic my family is dealing with one of the worst snowstorms in Colorado history. The drifts are piled high, cars are buried and doorways are blocked. Denver International Airport is closed (albeit a much smaller airport in terms of traffic through compared to Heathrow).

Now before you go and get all romantic on me (or book your skiing holiday) and think this is a good thing stop for a minute and think. Emergency vehicles (ambulances, fire engines, police) can't get through. Trucks can't deliver goods to grocery stores so even if you can walk to the store, the shelves are empty. People die of carbon monoxide poisoning because the vents out of their roofs get blocked. Power lines fall. Go to Do a search on Colorado and snow, sort by recent and check out the extent of the damage. Makes our fog look like child's play.

PS Whilst at flickr - check out my photos (link in Family Links to left). I've started to move some of my photos out of snapfish as some people were struggling when snapfish implemented a site.

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