Tuesday 12 December 2006

A blogger learns

So I am still getting the hang of this and despite having reviewed my post from yesterday several times I didn't notice that the pic of the quilt block didn't appear as planned. So I will try this again.

We are always on the lookout for good Mexican food in England which is a bit like always being on the lookout for water in the Sahara. I had been told by a few American women to try Pachanga in Marlow. So for Marc's birthday dinner off we went. The nachos were good. The beef fajitas weren't bad although they were very stingy on the salsa. Marc enjoyed his enchiladas. The menu was not very child friendly and there was not a separate children's menu. Seb and Abigail split a chicken and chips dish which they both seemed to enjoy. They were distracted, however, by the temptation (homemade chocolate birthday cake) that awaited them at home. This in no way shape or form compares to those lovely cake creations that my sister makes and I am well aware the writing looks like a 9 year old did it. I wish I could blame Sebastian but this is entirely my doing! I have it on good authority that it is "the best chocolate cake ever, Mummy."

Today, Abigail's childminder, Jackie, is ill so my little princess is home with me. It is also Sebastian's Christmas Play so get out the tissues. I have dutifully ensured that all the batteries to the various cameras are charged and the memory is cleared so I should not have the same crisis as I did at the the Christingle Service when my camera battery went dead at the first note of the first song.

Also, not only is this my first blog to write but for many of you this is the first blog you've read. It is kind of evolving into something like a journal I used to keep before I had my 2 children, 1 husband, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 fish, 2 houses, etc..... Please don't forget to visit often as I update it every day (or have so far - not sure how this will play out once I go back to work and am no longer a lady of leisure!). Leave comments about what I write. Sebastian checks the comments when he gets home from school - keeps him reading!!! If you write a comment chances are I respond back so check the comment strings.....kinda like a written dialogue. I am enjoying this and hope you are at least half as much.

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