Friday 8 December 2006

The Holiday Party Season

The Christmas season is an endless cycle of parties. Typically this consists of everyone getting together (some people you don't like and some you don't know), drinking way too much, dancing when perhaps they shouldn't, eating overpriced, cold, bad food that has been prepared for the 100s of people that have been guilted into coming to the obligatory office christmas doo. Well, not here, I say.

The party season started a bit early for me on 30 Nov with the celebration of the launch of a new company intranet which I project managed the last half of 2006. The team worked very hard and we played very hard. We hired out the top floor of Que Pasa, a bar in Staines. They did great party food and the drinks were free (well, the company paid). We drank and talked (like drunks do) then said a very sad farewell to our fearless leader, Kirk Downey, who is off to greener pastures (or warmer weather, sunnier skies, sandier beaches) in Australia. He will be missed. At 1am I found myself in the town centre of Staines wondering how to get a taxi, I tried ringing and waking my husband but he showed no sympathy for my plight. I finally wandered (aka stumbled) into a mini-cab office (Niall's cabs) and after a 20 minute wait with people dunker than I (scary!) poured myself into a cab and navigated the dark path up to my house. For fome strange reason I couldn't quite get the keys to work but eventually then co-operated and the stairs presented the next greatest challenge. I did finally make it up to the top of the house. I know this because I woke up in bed the next morning. The middle bit is fuzzy.

Friday I didn't feel so well, must have had a bug.....the hangover bug.

Saturday was yet another party. This one was at Stirrups Country House Hotel in Maidens Green and was for the parents of the children in Year 1 at St. George's School. The food was great, it was good value and the company was fun. It was really great to see that the dads are getting to know each other. Thanks goes to Ian Richardson who paid for our table's wine! Also, congratulations to the other St. George's table who won the quiz. They got robbed on the tie break so didn't get the bottle of champagne. But the quiz master's instructions were vague (flawed) and Janet did put the sock on (just on her hand). He didn't specify the foot - without the shoe! Well done, Janet! Babysitting was provided by Uncle John and Auntie Mary. Children were returned without any visible scarring or bruising so all in all a success!

Sunday evening was the PTA Drinks party at St. George's School with entertainment provided by the school choir. What a delight that was! Mrs Day did a fabulous job getting the parents/teachers/staff to participate in the singing of The 12 days of Christmas. The mulled wine was delicious (as always) and the school kitchen did a fine job with the canapes. Babysitting provided by Lucy, Sebastian's riding instructor at Blue Acres Stables on Ham Island. When we got home, Seb's bedroom was tidy. Must have her babysit more often!

Last night was another works doo for the project I worked on for the first half of 2006. Isi did an amazing job finding a venue (Legoland). The theme was "Hot in Havana". The starters and soup were great but the chicken and lemon tart were dire! I may have another career in gambling (with play money) as I cleaned up at the Black Jack table but I think that had more to do with Ranjit's cheating than my skill/luck. The dance music was the best so far and some of the dance moves on the floor will never be seen again (or at least until we consume that much alcohol again!). My favourite part of the evening has to be the bumper cars. Baz and Trevor/Olga were speed demons. My driver (aka Neil) was amazing and I escaped with no permanent whiplash. Made my way home just after midnight and so far this morning I don't seem to have caught the same bug I had last week. These are just a few of the revellers. To see the rest of the photos follow the Photo Library Link on the left.

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Janell said...

LaDawn - i love your blog - it is YOU all over - friendly and full of life. Abigail's photo is SO SWEET - give her a big squeeze and cover her with kisses for me! Keep up the good posts!