Wednesday 20 December 2006

No Sleep then Sleep

One of the advantages of having family living in a different time zone is that you can call them when it is 1:00 in the morning your time. They are surprised to hear from you and I can speak without the interruptions caused by a husband, 2 children and a puppy. Of course, my sister, not being accustomed to speaking to me at that time of day (her time), just had too much to do (after speaking to me for an hour) so I was left to my own devices. I watched a couple of television shows I had recorded, caught up on some of my magazine reading and read some of my book. The downside is, well, it means I was not asleep. I couldn't get to sleep until about 4 this morning. Not sure worries, no long lists of things to do, no heartburn.....just not sleepy until, of course, this morning when I needed to get out of bed.

Now some may ask yourself, if I am on holiday why in the world do I need to get out of bed? That is easy. My son, Sebastian, is burning up with fever. Seb doesn't get ill very often and when he does, it is bad. He is currently sound asleep in bed with a fever of over 102. I watch him sleep and worry. That is my job today!

Out goes the to do list for this morning and of all the days of my holiday this is the one day that I needed to go to work. Not work exactly but my team is having a Christmas meeting this afternoon following by dinner, drinks and dancing which I was hoping to attend. Hopefully, Marc will be able to arrange his schedule so I can do that. But I have to say leaving a sick child is one of the hardest choices a mother makes. No matter how great a daddy is, mummy's kisses just seem to work a whole bunch better.....or at least that what I've been told.

This is one of the most extraordinary changes in your life when you become a mother. Your needs, desires, priorities go flying straight out a window and the world stops spinning. Your purpose in life is so clear. I have some little person who is looking to me to make it right and whilst I can't take it away, I can certainly make it feel a bit better. I get so much satisfaction out of knowing that this little boy is glad that I am here and right now, in this moment, pretty much thinks I hang the moon. I can do this!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the evening call. ;)


Anonymous said...

When do you find the time to do all this! Oh that's right you are on holiday for a month!! Save some of that endless energy for work in January.

Wishing you and your family the most blessed Christmas.

And as we say in Scotland at New Year. Have a good one when it comes!!

LaDawn said...

Will have loads of energy (and ideas) for Jan!