Sunday 10 December 2006

Saturday Circus

My family has one goldfish named Frank, one cat named Murphy, one dog named Baily, Sebastian, Abigail, Marc & I. Given this, Saturday's are a bit of a mad house and yesterday was no exception. Seb went to a birthday party for Timothy (a school mate) who turned 6 in the morning. Marc & Abi picked up a Puppy Kong (which is the chew toy for puppies - obviously - and is supposed to keep the spaz from eating my kitchen cupboards). It is the cylinder object with slots in it to put in treats which the puppy can't quite get to so he just chews and chews and chews. It seems to be working but imagine how frustrated he must be. I hope this isn't doing psychological damage. Do they have dog therapists? Are they expensive? Can I insure for this?

I went to a fashion show (of sorts) with Auntie Mary. The designer is a woman from Kathmandu, Nepal and the show was held in the home of a friend of Mary's cousin. The house was an old stately home that has been broken into a series of homes no less impressive than I imagine the original home would have been. The designer was very theatrical when showing her clothes designs and the fabrics are stunning. All the clothes are made to measure. I got a couple of Christmas pressies for myself including a cashmere cardigan in grey with orange and red stripes. I've never owned a cashmere sweater before. I feel very fortunate. I also got a reversible silk jacket in brown & turquoise/teal. Mary bought this grey and black dress that fit her perfectly so she could take it home with her. It looks amazing on her. My goodies won't be delivered until after Christmas so something to look forward to in 2007!

Sebastian's friend Jamie arrived to sleepover last night. This is Jamie's first sleepover and he wasn't feeling very well on Saturday morning. We served up Spaghetti Bolagnese, garlic bread, and a bit of green salad. Chocolate Crepes were a big hit for dessert. Abigail was desperate to join in the fun but the boys were having none of that and kept thwarting her at every door. But at bedtime, Abigail fell asleep in under 2 minutes. Jamie & Seb didn't go quite as easily. They crawled into the same bed and read (by flashlight) their Pokemon books. Seb was next to fall asleep (in Jamie's bed) and after a few trips downstairs to visit Marc & I, Jamie did finally drift off under the watchful eye of several lights on! He was a champ. I can only imagine how scary it must be to spend the night away from your mum & dad for the very first time in a stranger's house, in a stranger's bed. I mean what if you gotta go wee in the middle of the night? what is monsters invade the house? what if I have a bad dream? who will protect me? I still get scared on my own sometimes. I'm pleased Jamie decided to trust us to take care of him!

I've gotten myself very organised on the Christmas pressie front now that the shopping for the December birthdays are out of the way. It really is inconvenient of Marc & Abigail to have December birthdays but not a lot can be done about that. I always struggle to start the Christmas shopping until the birthday shopping is out of the way! I've got my list and may be very brave (or stupid) and actually try to do some shopping today.

I keep meaning to tell everyone I underwent a bit of a transformation a few weeks back and got my hair coloured and cut. I've had that boring blond bob for ages and really needed a change. I went to a woman named Emma, whose children go to St George's. She does quite a few of the mums at school and I love their hair so I decided to give it a go. And my normal hairdresser seems to have gone bankrupt and disappeared......besides he was the one who kept giving me the blonde bob! I was so pleased with the results. Blonde, Toffee, Red, Short, Very Short, did I say short? Oh, and spiky. How hip and trendy, am I? No more mummy frumpy for me. Now if I can only figure out how to make it work as well as she did! I'm still getting used to it! Emma's shop is The Colour House in Bagshot (sorry to those in the US, but she might be worth a trip!).


Anonymous said...

Love the hair. slw

LaDawn said...

Me too! It was the first itme I've ever had a dye put all over my head. It was just a temporary one so it is slowly fading but it looked great. I have a set of straighteners which I've never used before either. I feel like such a teenager.